4 ways education can decrease the level of poverty

Education is an important tool for leading a good life. It can reduce the level of poverty in the long run. According to UNESCO, when the literacy rate of a country increases, the poverty rate decreases considerably. Here are the ways education can reduce the level of poverty.

More earning

When people are educated, they will get better jobs with more salary. So, they will be able to live in a good house, eat good food and raise their family properly. If a farmer is educated, he will be able to boost his food production by using various modern techniques in the field.

Empower women

When women are educated they will raise their children well. They can also work and contribute to their family. The household income level will increase and so they will have a better life.

Health issues

The health condition of people living in a poverty-stricken area is very poor. They don’t know how to keep themselves safe from various diseases. Education will teach them about diseases and how to prevent their contamination. In an educated community, the rate of mother or infant mortality rate will decrease.

Improve technical skills

Education will improve the technical skill of a person, giving him or her more job opportunities. The infrastructure will be developed as more people will be working in the construction, transportation, and other sectors. So, children living in the remote areas will be able to attend schools.

Education directly impacts the economic development of a country. When the literacy rate is high, a country can get out of poverty. Education improves the lives of people.