4 tips for getting into a good college

Getting admission to colleges has become very competitive. You need to think of ways outside your school grades to get into a good college. If you are in high school, here are some great tips to get admission to a good college.

Plan early

You should start preparing for college towards the end of your eighth grade or beginning of your ninth grade. You should study hard to keep up your grades and choose subjects wisely so that it increases the chance of your admission to a good college.

Practice SAT or ACT

Start practicing for these exams in your junior year. You should know the type of questions that appear in these exams and start getting familiar with it. The more you practice the better are your chances of getting a high score. High score in SAT or ACT will get you into a good college.

Perform extracurricular activities

In school, you should be part of different extracurricular activities and community works. You should demonstrate your leadership skills. These are very important along with your grades.

College essays

It is an important tool for admission to college. You should spend a lot of time writing your essays. You should write about yourself. You should mention about the extracurricular activities you have done in school.  You should write in a way that will make your essay stand out from the rest.

Getting into a good college is a real battle. You need to be prepared for everything you have in order to win the battle. So, take your high school days seriously and concentrate on studies.

Infographic by: visual.ly